Photo of Jerry holding a surfboard looking at a beach in Big Sur.

Thinker that makes

I've always questioned and wondered why people do the things they do. I am fascinated by human culture and consider myself a deep thinker. The process of creating digital experiences and seeing the positive impact they can have keeps me motivated to do this every day.

Humility and gratitude

Being humble and focusing on the success of my work and the people around me is a constant priority for me. I am grateful for all that life has given me and the opportunity to make an impact in any way that I can from taking the time to provide 'teaching versus telling' moments and leading by example with hopes of empowering the individuals I come in contact with.

I have been mentoring design students for the past five years and currently working with students at Designlab.

Life outside of work

I live on the shoreline of Connecticut and a have a busy house with two mini-schnauzers, a six-year-old daughter Kennedy, and two-year-old Jack. I try to spend as much time outside as possible through surfing, snowboarding, and skateboarding. My daughter calls me the 'cooker' for our family, and I enjoy good food and the process of creating a quality home-cooked meal.